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Purchase Orders

We accept POs

Glowsticks are great for so many school and community events, we're happy to accept purchase orders from schools, fire departments, police departments, and other government entities for minimum $75 orders. We're also happy to accept corporate purchase orders with approved credit. Call us today at 1.800.760.GLOW to make arrangements.

POs should be sent by e-mail to If e-mail is not an option, please contact a customer service representative via the phone or live chat. 

Please Include . . .

  • Names:   Name and telephone number of the purchasing agent on your PO.  We always call to verify POs.

  • Part Numbers:   Our part numbers are found on the "Specifications" tab on each product page.

  • Shipping Method:   Please specify a shipping method.

  • Total Amount:   We can't accept POs unless they include the total amount for which they are authorized, and a signature of the authorized purchaser.

  • Email Address:   Please include an e-mail address so we can send shipment tracking information.