Halloween Sale

Check out all our great flashing, blinking, glowing, and light-up items for Halloween! This is our favorite time of year here at Glow Universe - it's the perfect holiday for light-up costume accessories, glow stick necklaces and bracelets, LED flashing jewelry, LED flashlights, light-up wands, and tons of Halloween specialty items. Check out our light-up trick-or-treat bags, the perfect item for carrying candy and keeping young ones visible. We also have pumpkin necklaces, skull mugs, Halloween wands, spider rings, and Halloween-themed pens.

LED light-up and glow products are perfect for Halloween because they're bright and super fun, of course, but they also keep kids safe! Light-up and glow jewelry, bags, and costume accessories will keep young ones visible while they are out on Halloween night. That's why they are so great for trick-or-treaters!

Small LED and light-up items are also good substitutes for candy if you want to hand out something unique to trick-or-treaters. Try some flashing rings, orange glow bracelets, light-up spooky spiders, or LED flashing Halloween bracelets. Kids love light-up LED and glow jewelry and novelty lights, and they are a great alternative to all the sugar and candy that's handed out on this holiday.

We may be a little bit biased, but we think glow and LED light-up items are essential to Halloween fun! Any holiday celebrated at night is that much better with glow sticks added into the mix. Plus there are so many items that we feature specifically for Halloween - such as light-up costume accessories and pumpkin-themed jewelry. Skulls, ghosts, jack-o-lanterns: we've got 'em all! But, most importantly, light-up LED products keep kids safe and visible on Halloween night.

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