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Light emitting diodes, or LEDs, are simple devices that create light with very little energy. They're made of crystals, and they allow electricity to go in just one direction, unlike the electricity in your home or car. They use so little energy that they don't get hot or pose any dangers, so they're perfect for toys, jewelry, or barware.

LED lights can also flash, unlike chemical glowsticks.

Q: Are LEDs safe for children?
A: Yes, they are. Government standards have determined that LEDs are safe for all normal uses. This includes toys and decorative objects. The usual
precautions apply: supervise young children with any toy, avoid toys with small parts for toddlers, and dispose of used items and packaging appropriately.

Q: Are LED items reusable?
A: Yes, most are, but check the information for specific items to be sure. LED lights use very little energy, and they have a very long life. GlowUniverse also carries the most common  LED batteries, so you can keep using your LED novelties and toys longer.

Q: What kind of batteries do LED items use?

A: Most use button batteries, which are very economical in bulk. Some use AA or AAA batteries -- check the description for your particular item.

Q: Are LEDs bad for the environment?
A: Not at all. LEDs are very environmentally friendly. They use semiconductor technology to produce with little energy and virtually no waste in the form of heat.

Q: Are LED light sticks the same as glowsticks?
A: Although people sometimes use the terms interchangeably, LED lights are battery operated and use electricity to create light. Glowsticks use a chemical reaction to create light.