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Moon Blaster Guns

The 19” glow-in-the-dark moon blaster gun will be your weapon of choice for awesome fights with your friends or party guests. Load it up, pump the handle and blast them! The moon blaster gun holds 10 glow-in-the dark balls. This awesome toy will be a total blast (excuse the pun) for many hours of fun indoors or outdoors!

Great for party games and fun matches with your friends indoors or outdoors: Our cool 19” moon blaster gun! Load it up with the soft 10 glow-in-the-dark balls and blast everyone with this cool toy. Get a pair or more for awesome games at night with your friends!

The glow-in-the-dark moon blaster gun is a hit with kids and grown-ups, it’s an awesome toy you want for parties, outdoor gatherings, picnics or any other occasion. Once the sun goes down, you will have even more fun since the ping-pong sized balls you can shoot will glow in the dark too!

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