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Bubble Guns

The LED flashing bubble guns are the coolest thing to have for any party. What could be more fun than fighting your friends with the “deadly” bubbles you are shooting at ‘em? Pull the trigger and the gun will light up and flash crazily in addition! The bubble guns will not only make for big fun at parties, they’re also great for relieving stress at your workplace once you engage in heroic fights with your co-workers! Just make sure the boss is not around!

Press the trigger and let the bright LEDs light up on this amazing fun toy! The bubble guns will make sure to turn any dull party into a fun fight with your friends and party guests. However, to keep it fair we strongly advice you get more than one. You should definitely give your friends a chance to shoot back too!

The bubble guns will not only be great toys for parties, birthdays and other fun events. They make cool gadgets to relief stress and tension at your office too. Assuming your boss is cool with it, get a bunch for awesome bubble fights with your co-workers on break. Who knows, maybe your boss is a nice guy and wants one for himself as well. It’s payback time!!

Awesome LED flashing party supplies, cool bubble guns and more fun stuff: At Glowuniverse you can find everything to get your party going at very low prices!

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