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Standard Glow Sticks

Glow sticks are popular because they are so versatile and super easy to use. They are great for parties, raves or fairs and make a perfect gift for friends. They are also ideal for promotions. We have them in in lengths of 6” or 4”. Our Lumistick brand quality glow sticks are available in nine awesome colors from Aqua, Red, Yellow to Pink or Purple and more. Or choose a pack of assorted colors and mix and match!  The glow sticks come with detachable hooks so you can wear them on your neck or make awesome party lights with them. Maximum glowing fun!

People love glow sticks because they are perfect for parties, festivals, fairs or fund-raisers. Create awesome glowing effects in spectacular colors, anywhere you go! They are so easy to use because you just shake or snap them and they will start glowing for many hours. No batteries or cords needed. Our color variety is unmatched: You will find all your favorite colors! You can get glowsticks in unicolor or get them in packs containing 5 assorted colors.

How Do Glow Sticks Work?

Create awesome glowing effects wherever you are and never worry about batteries. This is how the glowing craze started and why our glow sticks are so popular!

Simply shake them or bend them until you hear the small ampule inside breaking. The harmless chemicals inside the glow sticks mix and the stick will start glowing for many hours. Yes it is that easy! This makes them perfect for many occasions such as parties, dances or fairs. You will always be ready to get the glowing fun started, no matter where you go.

Choose from nine awesome colors and two sizes

Our standard glow sticks come in nine colors: Aqua, Blue, Green, Orange, Pink, Purple, Red, Yellow and White. We have them in sets so you can get a pack in your favorite color, but you can also get them in assorted color mixes. Great to mix and match! We have standard glow sticks in 6” and 4” size. The 4” are great if you want to fit a few more in your pockets. Toss them or throw them to create awesome colorful effects.

Detachable Hooks For Even More Fun

The standard glows sticks all have detachable hooks. Wear them around your neck if you like, perfect for dancing and when the action goes wild! You will never lose them and have your hands free as well. With a string you can whirl them around for spectacular effects. What’s more, because of the detachable hooks you can also use them to make fantastic colorful party lights. Endless glowing fun for you!

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