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4 Inch Glowsticks

Our 4 Inch glowsticks might be just the right size glowstick for you! They are incredible versatile and will provide lots of glowing fun for dances, parties and raves. Two things make them very special: They come in nine spectacular colors for you to choose from and they come with a detachable hook included. This makes them ideal glowsticks when the party and dancing gets wild since you can also wear them on around your neck!

The 4 inch glowsticks will provide plenty of glowing fun for many reasons! They come in nine awesome colors such as Pink, Purple, Red, Orange and many more. You can also get them in sets with 5 assorted colors.

What makes those glowsticks special is their detachable hook. This makes them the perfect glowsticks for dancing and raves. Toss them, throw them for awesome spectacular color effects or wear them around your neck. The hook will make it possible that you will have your hands free whenever you want and you do not need to worry about losing them when the party gets wild!

Glowsticks are easy to use: Just get them glowing by snapping or bending. You will hear the little ampule breaking, the chemicals mix and the glowsticks will start gowing for many hours.

At Glowuniverse you will find glowsticks in many popular colors, sizes and shapes. Have the ultimate glowstick fun and take advantage of our unbeatable wholesale prices!

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