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Premium Glow Sticks

Our premium glow sticks are available in the same nine awesome colors as our standard glows sticks. But the premium glow sticks will provide even more glowing fun: They are 15 mm thick and glow brighter and longer than any other glow stick! They come complete with a hook and string and will be your top choice for poi dancing and glowstringing. Wear them as pendants or make awesome party lights. Want something truly special? Our fuzzy glowsticks will provide a very unique look. They are also great to make awesome, eye-catching necklaces or hair pieces!

For even more glowing fun, check out our premium glow sticks! What’s so special about them? They are thicker than the standard glow sticks and glow brighter and last longer than any other glowstick you can find. Complete with a hook and string, they make the perfect eye-catching glow stick to have for dances, parties and performances. Wear them on your neck, use them for glowstringing for colorful effects. They are so versatile you can even make awesome party lights with them.

Premium Glow Sticks In All Your Favorite Colors

Our Lumistick premium glowsticks come in nine popular colors: Aqua, Blue, Green, Orange, Pink, Purple, Red, White or Yellow – just pick your favorite! We carry them in sets containing glow sticks in unicolor of your choice, but also in assorted mixes of various popular colors.

Complete With Hooks and Strings

The premium glowsticks all come with built-in hooks and we even include a string for you as well! This makes them the top choice glowsticks for dancing, raves and glowstringing performances. You will be able to create awesome colorful effects whirling them around. Thanks to the hooks they can also be worn around your neck. Wear them as pendants and you will have your hands free whenever you like. The hooks will also allow you to make awesome party lights because you can hang the glowsticks anywhere, inside or outside the house, to create a fantastic glowing ambience lighting for parties or any sort of event.

Take a Look At Our Unique Fuzzy Premium Glow Sticks

Our fuzzy glow sticks are special and will surely catch everyone’s attention! You will get premium glowsticks in your color of choice plus a fuzzy sleeve for an entire new glowstick look. The fuzzy glow sticks are available in the same awesome colors or in sets with multiple assorted colors. We also include a necklace string so you can wear them around your neck or waist. You can use the fuzzy sleeve over and over and simply replace the glowstick inside when needed.

For the brightest colors and many hours of glowing fun, our premium glow sticks should be your top choice. Our glowsticks are Lumistick brand quality glowsticks, coming in more colors than any other brand.

At Glowuniverse you will find glow sticks for any occasion. Get our Lumistick brand quality premium glowsticks at unbeatable wholesale prices!

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