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Mini Sticks

Our mini glowsticks are great to have for parties and performances but they also make great gifts for kids and your grown-up friends. They come in sizes of 2” and 1.5”. Their small size makes them perfect to always have a bunch of them in your pockets, ready to toss and throw to create awesome, colorful effects. They are also handy to have as emergency lights in your home or your car. Choose from 6 awesome colors for our 2” minis and get 1.5” mini glowsticks in Blue, Green, Red or Yellow. We have 2” mini sticks in packs of 100 and 1.5” minis in packs of 1000:  Plenty of glowing fun for any occasion!

Mini glowsticks are fun and incredible versatile. Due to their small size, you can easily pack many of them in your pockets and surprise everyone with awesome glowing effects when you toss them. They are perfect for performances, for bands and musicians but also great for parties and many other events. But mini glowsticks are more than just glowing fun on the dance floor or on stage: Use them as rewards to give to your kids and always have them at hand for emergency lights in the house or in your car.

Choose from 2 sizes in your favorite colors

We carry mini glowsticks in many colors and in two sizes. Choose your favorite color 2” sticks, we have them in Blue, Green, Orange, Pink, Red and Yellow. The 1.5” sticks are available in Blue, Green, Red and Yellow. The 2” mini glowsticks are also available in packs of 5 color assorted mixes.

Mini glowsticks will provide hours of glowing fun on the dance-floor. You will love our mini sticks because you can toss them around and create spectacular glowing effects in all colors. Because they are small, it’s easy to always have a handful of them in your pockets, ready for a big glowing surprise at any party or club. They are also the glowsticks of choice for performances by bands and musicians. They are the best glowsticks for that purpose because you can throw many of them from stage for really awesome effects.

They make great utility and emergency lights

It is always smart to have mini glow sticks handy in your house or in your car. They are ideal to use as emergency lights and much more convenient and safer to use than candles. Get a pack of green mini sticks (the green ones are the brightest!) and keep them in a safe place at home to be ready for the next storm or power outage. A pack of green and red minis in your car make ideal emergency and warnings lights when you need them.

Mini glowsticks are also popular with the kids. You can use them as fun gifts for birthday parties or give glowsticks to them as a reward.

If you are looking for mini glowsticks, you do not have to spend a lot of money: At Glowuniverse you can get quality brand glowsticks at unbeatable wholesale prices!

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