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Glow Stick Necklaces

Glow stick necklaces will be great for any festive event and party. They are so easy to use: Simply join them together to make beautiful glowing necklaces and hair ornaments. You can choose from a big variety of awesome colors. We have glow stick necklaces in 20”, 22” and 24”. For something truly unique, take a look at our amazing leis. Those are beautiful glowing flower garlands, guaranteed a hit for tropical parties and welcome celebrations! You will also like our glowing twister necklaces. Bend and twist them and they will hold their shape.

Glow stick necklaces can give you lots of glowing fun without the hassles. Choose your favorite style and one or more of the many awesome colors - stick them together and you will have wonderful glowing necklaces in no time. Those are wonderful for any party or event, great for celebrations, dances and fairs. They give you maximum glowing fun anywhere you want. Never worry about cords or batteries because all it takes is a short snap or shake and they will start glowing for many hours!

Huge variety of colors and sizes

Our glow stick necklaces are available in many popular colors and shapes, such as Blue, Green, Yellow,  Pink and many more to choose from. We have them in unicolor in the colors of your choice, but you can also get them in packs with an assortment of colors to mix and match. If you want something even more colorful, take a look at our tri-color 24” necklaces. They glow in three colors at once – for ultimate glowing fun. Our Red/Blue/White tri-color necklace will be the hit for your next 4th July celebration and will get anyone into the spirit right away!

Unique Twister Glowstick Necklaces

The twister glowstick necklaces are a true hit! They come in the same awesome colors as our standard glowing necklaces, but there is a twist to them, quite literally! You can bend them and twist them in any shape you like, and they will keep their form. Unlike as with standard glowstick necklaces, you don’t need to stick them together. Make colorful necklaces and amazingly glowing hair accessories in mere seconds – the twisters will make it possible!

Our glowing leis: The highlight amongst our glowing necklaces!

You might have already seen those beautiful flower necklaces from Hawaii. Those necklaces, called leis, are beautiful and no tropical party should be without them. Here at glowuniverse, you can get beautiful flower garland leis which glow in all colors. They come with a flower sleeve and have a glowing necklace inside. You can re-use the lei because you can simply replace the glowstick inside for more glowing fun next time. Choose your favorite colors - get truly unique glowing lei necklaces which will turn heads at any party!

At glowuniverse, we are able to offer Lumistick brand quality glow stick necklaces at very low wholesale prices. You will get top quality products and can save money at the same time!

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