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20 Inch Necklaces

Our 20 Inch Glow necklaces are so popular because they are easy to use and incredibly versatile. You simply join them together to make awesome glowing necklaces, hair ornaments and much more. Never worry about batteries or cords: A simple snap or shake is all that’s needed to get them glowing for many hours. They come in six popular colors for you to choose from: Red, Pink Yellow, Blue, Pink and Orange. You can also get them in sets of five assorted colors.

Glowing necklaces in awesome colors make great accessories for your next party, rave or night-out in the club. They are so versatile because you can make necklaces, hair ornaments, bracelets and so much more. Make awesome glowing accessories for many occasions in no time: Stick them together using the included connectors, shake or bend them and they will glow for many hours!

You will like the 20 inch glowing necklaces because they are so easy to use: They don’t require batteries and you can get maximum glowing fun in six awesome colors. If you can’t decide on a color right away simply get the set which includes 5 assorted colors!

Our glowing necklaces are Lumistick brand quality products. They come in the most amazing colors, last longer and glow brighter than many other glowstick bracelets. What’s more, they are affordable because you can take advantage of our rock-bottom wholesale prices!

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