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Glow Bracelets

Our glow bracelets are incredibly versatile. They are flexible glowsticks you can make into bracelets to wear on your wrists or ankles. But there is more: With our connector kits you can make them into glowing bunny ears, ball lanterns and eyeglasses. The bracelets are available in 8” or 10” and you can choose from many colors such as pink, red, aqua, yellow and bi-color. Make sure you also take a look at our unique twister bracelets that hold their shape any way you bend and twist them.

Glow bracelets provide maximum fun with minimum effort. Our premium glow bracelets are great for any occasion like parties, raves, concerts, fairs or carnivals. They are very easy to use: Simply join the two ends together to make awesome glowing bracelets for your wrists or ankles. Give them a shake or a snap for hours of safe, cool glowing fun.  

You will get all you need, the flexible glowsticks in your chosen colors plus the connectors to make them into bracelets or necklaces. But the fun doesn’t stop there!

Easily make more awesome glowing stuff with our special connector kits:

Here is the best thing: With our special connector kits you can make the bracelets into flashy eyeglasses, bunny ears and awesome ball lanterns. Perfect for parties, fundraising, dances, proms, and fairs. Your next party will be a blast - the bunny ears and eyeglasses are sure to be a hit with the kids. What’s more, the glow bracelets are not only an eye-catching accessory to wear. With our unique connector kits such as the ball lantern, you can use them for awesome décor ideas such as mood-setting party and garden lights. Your next party will be unforgettable if you make colorful glowing balls for hours of fun playing in the pool or outside at night.

The many creative things you can do with our glow bracelets are what make them so popular. You get maximum fun and versatility at a very low price.

Our Lumistick brand glowstick bracelets are quality products which come in more sizes and more colors than any other brand of bracelets. Choose from 8" or 10” inch bracelets in your favorite color. Get our unique connector kits and turn them into even more fun shapes. Don’t forget to take a look at our incredible 8" twister glow bracelets as well. You can bend them and twist them and they will keep their shape any way you want.

The standard 8 and 10 inch glow bracelets come packaged with 100 bracelets in a mailing tube, complete with 100 connector joints for bracelets and necklaces. For maximum fun and value, add our connector kits such as the ball lantern, eyeglasses and bunny ears. This way you will be all set for any event and party: Maximum value and hours of glowing fun at incredible wholesale prices!

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