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Glowstick Bracelets

Our glowstick bracelets are flexible glowsticks you can make into bracelets. Wear them on your wrists or ankles or join them together to make awesome decorations. There are so many things you can do with them – let your imagination go wild!  We have glowstick bracelets in all the popular colors such as aqua, red, pink and purple as well as in bi-color and packs with a mix of assorted colors. We have bracelets in 8” and 10”.  Take a look at our unique twister bracelets too! The twisters can be bent in any shape and they will always keep their form.

Glowstick bracelets are always popular because they are great for many occasions, like parties, raves, concerts, fairs or carnivals. They are very easy to use: Simply join the two ends together to make awesome glowing bracelets for your wrists or ankles. Give them a shake or a snap for hours of safe, cool glowing fun. Our glowsticks are Lumistick brand quality glowsticks that will glow in your favorite colors for many hours!

Choose From Many Popular Colors

We carry glowstick bracelets in many popular colors. Choose from red, orange, green, purple and many more! What about awesome glowing bracelets glowing in aqua, white or even two colors at once? We have them all! You can choose the color you want but also get them in packs with mixed assorted colors. This way you can mix and match them for even more colorful glowing fun.

Our bracelets are available in sizes of 8” or 10” sure to match any wrist or ankle.

Glowing fun for any occasion and event!

Parties, raves, fairs and concerts: There are so many occasions where you will love to have our glowstick bracelets. Wear them on your ankles or wrists to turn heads with amazingly glowing colors. Hand them out to your friends and guests at parties. Glowstick bracelets are also great to give as a promotional gift. They’re always guaranteed to get anyone’s attention and you will find infinite uses for them.

If you are looking for something special, check out our unique twister glowstick bracelets. The glowing twister bracelets do not need any connectors. You can simply bend them any way you want and they will keep their shape. This makes them even easier to use. We have twister bracelets in all popular colors. Get them in your choice of solid color or get a pack of dual-color twisters for even more glowing fun!

Our glowstick bracelets are Lumistick brand quality products. They will glow longer and brighter than no-name glowsticks and come in more sizes and colors than any other brand. They are safe to use and there are no harmful chemicals that could spill. With Lumistick quality glowsticks you will get maximum glowing fun!

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