8 Inch Bracelets

The 8 inch bracelets are flexible glowsticks you can make into bracelets to wear on your wrists or ankles. We have them in many great colors such as pink, red, aqua, yellow and bi-color.  With our connector kits you can make them into more fun stuff, such as glowing bunny ears, ball lanterns and eyeglasses.

The 8 inch bracelets are great for parties, raves, concerts, fairs or carnivals. You can wear them on your wrists or ankles. They are very easy to use: Just snap or shake them and they will glow in awesome colors for many hours.

Choose your favorite color

Our Lumistick brand glowstick bracelets are quality products that will glow brighter and longer than many other brands. You can choose from many popular colors. We have them in unicolor, such as pink, yellow, blue, green and many more plus the awesome bicolor bracelets. We also have packs of 8 Inch bracelets with eight assorted colors if you can’t decide right away.

The glowstick bracelets are so popular because they are easy to use and truly universal. Get them for festivals, parties, raves and dances. The make a great glowing accessory which you can quickly put on and wear on your ankles or wrists: Hours of glowing fun wherever you go!

At glowuniverse we carry Lumistick brand quality glowstick bracelets. Choose from more awesome colors and get the longest lastest glowstick bracelets! Never pay too much because we offer them at attractive wholesale prices.

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