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Bracelet Accessories

Our bracelet accessories turn your glow bracelets into even more fun! In no time, you can turn them into amazing stuff such as glowing eyeglasses, awesome ball lanterns, bunny ears and much more! The bracelets come in complete kits, including your choice of colorful bracelets plus all required connectors. You can also get connector sets separately and use them with existing bracelets to make all those creative things. A great value because you can use the accessories over and over. It’s not only glowing bracelets anymore!

The bracelet accessories transform flexible glowing bracelets into amazing gadgets and fun stuff, from flashy eyeglasses to bunny ears or the amazing glowing ball lanterns. They are the perfect accessory to have because now you can use your bracelets for so much more! You will be able to not only wear them on your ankle or wrists – use our accessories and make them into toys as well and get twice the glowing fun!

Turn your bracelets into fun stuff for parties and events – make unique gifts for many occasions.

The bracelet accessories will allow you to quickly make awesome fun stuff for your next party, event or fair. Great for birthday parties and simply perfect as unique but affordable gifts! Surprise everyone not just with glowing bracelets in all the fantastic colors, make eyeglasses, bunny ears and more from them right in front of their eyes.

Make all the fun stuff right away with our complete bracelet accessory kits!

The kits come with everything you need, including all the flexible glow bracelets and connectors. Just choose your favorite colors, such as blue, pink, yellow and many more. All you need to do is join the bracelets together and you will have the most awesome glowing gadgets or gifts in seconds!

You can also get the connectors for the eyeglasses, bunny ears and many other gadgets separately. Those sets contain only the connectors and you can use them with your existing flexible glowing bracelets.

The Perfect Party Accessory!

No party without glowing bunny ears or our eyeglasses which are available in two popular shapes. You can choose between aviator-style eyeglasses or round eyeglasses. No matter which one, those will be a blast for your next party and they’re an all-time favorite for kids of any age.

Our glowing ball lantern: Make awesome party décor and glowing toy balls!

Our unique ball lantern accessory kits are simply awesome. You can make colorful glowing lanterns and use them as creative lights and lanterns. In no time, you can transform your glowing bracelets into the perfect party illumination and light up your home or yard.

What’s more, you can make toy balls for endless fun playing games at dark. Planning a pool party, birthday party or outdoor picnic? With the ball lanterns, your guests and friends will have hours of endless glowing fun - a highlight for any kind of party or event!

The bracelet accessories are an incredible value because they turn your glowing bracelets into so much more! Even better, they are very affordable because you can take advantage of our low wholesale prices!

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