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Jumbo Stick Accessories

Make your glowsticks into much more with our Jumbo stick accessories! With our glowing ground stakes you can transform the 12” Jumbo sticks into colorful yard and party lights. We also have magic wand toppers to easily make your 12 Jumbos into magically glowing wands. Great for play and ideal for costume parties! You can get the Jumbo stick accessories, ground stakes and magic wands complete in sets with 12” Jumbo sticks in your chosen color. The ground stakes are also available separately.

The Jumbo stick accessories will provide great value because they will make your 12” glowsticks into even more fun and useful stuff. In no time, you can turn them into magic wands if you get our colorful magic wand toppers. Simply stick them on the 12” Jumbos and turn them into magic wizard wands, a great and fun accessory to have for your next costume party. The kids will love them but they will also make awesome accents for colorful décor in or around the house.

For creative and innovative lighting ideas, you must take a look at our ground stakes. With the ground stakes you can place the Jumbo glowsticks anywhere around your house, in your yard or wherever you want. They make fantastic party lights and are very easy to use. What’s so good about them: You will get up to 12 hours of colorful and bright glowing fun wherever you want and never need to worry about batteries or electrical cords. Light the way for your guests and use them in many more creative ways to light up the night.

You can even combine the ground stakes and magic wand toppers: Stick the wand toppers on your favorite color Jumbo stick and then place them anywhere using the ground stakes – the perfect thing to have for your next Halloween party.

We have Jumbo stick accessories in all the popular colors!

Like our other glowsticks, the jumbo stick accessories are available in popular colors such as Blue, Green, Orange, Pink, Red or Yellow. How about lighting up your yard in deep red or giving it a blue magic glow for hours? The magic wand toppers are also available in sets of 5 mixed colors if you cannot decide right away.

They come complete with 12” Premium Jumbo Sticks

Whether you get the colorful glowing ground stakes or the magic wand toppers, they all come in packs complete with 20 Premium Jumbo glowsticks for glowing fun right out of the box. The ground stakes are also available separately. Use the ground stakes and wand toppers with any existing 12” Jumbo sticks if you like as well. You can use the Jumbo stick accessories over and over again: Simply replace the glowstick with a new one next time you want to use them.

We are able to offer Lumistick brand jumbo glowsticks and jumbo stick accessories at unbeatable wholesale prices. Get more glowing fun without spending too much!

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