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Star Toppers

Our star toppers will turn your glowsticks into unique glowing décor and awesome magic wands. Turn your 12” premium Jumbo glowsticks into fantastic party lights! They go perfectly together with our glowing ground sticks so you can light up your yard with magical glowing wands in many colors. If you want something special for your next costume party, use the star toppers to make your glowsticks into wizard wands!

Have even more great glowing fun with our glowing star toppers! Make your 12” premium Jumbo glowsticks into toys perfect for your next Halloween or costume party. In no time, you will have magic wands that will surely turn heads when they glow brightly in your favorite color!

Together with our glowing ground sticks (sold separately) the star toppers will also make the perfect mood setting party lights ideal for all kinds of occasions. You can use them for parties or celebrations like Christmas or Halloween. Set the Jumbo sticks onto the ground stakes, add a star topper and you will have a truly amazing party light you can place anywhere! Light up pathways or make your yard into the perfect party location!

The 12 inch glowing star toppers come complete with premium Jumbo glowsticks that last up to 12 hours. We have them in six colors and in sets with 5 assorted colors.

Have ultimate glowing fun and save money at the same time! At glowuniverse, you can take advantage of a big variety of glowsticks and accessories at spectacular low prices!

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