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Glow Ball Lanterns

With our glow ball lanterns you can make your glowing bracelets into more fun and exciting stuff!  Turn them into colorful glowing lanterns or glowing balls for cool party games.  We have glow ball lanterns in nine great colors and in dual-color. The glow ball lantern kits come with all the connectors and bracelets included so you can make all the fun stuff in a few seconds. The connectors are also available separately.

What can be better than making your glowing bracelets into even more fun stuff? With the glow ball lanterns you can make them into awesome party lights or toy balls which will be perfect for fun games!

Turn your glowing bracelets into decorative lanterns and hang them anywhere to give your next party or outdoor picnic a unique and awesome flair. It only takes a few seconds to make them and you will have great lights you can use indoors or outdoors at any event. They will glow for many hours and you will never have to worry about batteries or electrical cords.

What’s more, you can make colorful glowing balls for awesome party games indoors or outdoors! They will be great fun for any picnic and your next pool party. Toss them, throw them and play cool games for the ultimate colorful glowing fun.

You can choose from glow ball lanterns in unicolor or in dual-color Blue/Yellow, Red/Green or Red/Blue. Make fantastic lanterns and fun balls that will glow in any color you like or simply mix and match several colors.

Our glow ball lanterns come complete with bracelets and connectors out of the box. We also have connectors separately so you can use them with your existing glowing bracelets.

Make your glowing bracelets into awesome glowing stuff with our glow ball lanterns! Enjoy the big variety of glow bracelets and cool glow accessories at Glowuniverse without breaking your bank!

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