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Glow Accessories

Our glow accessories allow you to quickly turn glow sticks and glow bracelets into more exciting and fun stuff! Turn your glowsticks into awesome eyeglasses, magic wands, glowing toy balls and much more. The kits include everything you need. We also have connector sets that you can use with select glow bracelets and sticks from our assortment. Open up an entirely new dimension of glowing fun: It’s not just bracelets and sticks anymore!

Make your glowsticks even more awesome with our glow accessories. You can make glowing toys and gadgets that are fun for adults and kids. They are the perfect gift too! Surprise them at the next party with glowing eyeglasses and bunny ears or turn your glowsticks into creative and mood setting party lighting! Our glow accessories provide big value: You can use the connectors over and over, simply replace the glow sticks with new ones from our assortment.

Glowing Eyeglasses – The Hit For Many Occasions!

Glowing eyeglasses will be a blast for your next party, rave or dance. They come in eight popular colors such as blue, red, aqua, pink and more. The sets contain anything you need to make the eyeglasses right away: They come with flexible glowing bracelets in the color of your choice plus all the required connectors. In 1-2-3 you will have glowing spectacles for many hours of fun.

We have glowing eyeglasses kits in aviator and round shape plus extra connector kits which you can use with our standard flexible glow bracelets.

Endless Fun With Our Glowing Ball Lanterns

Our glowing ball lanterns are a winner! Those are the perfect accessory to have to make colorful glowing lanterns for creative lighting arrangements in your home or in your yard. The lanterns will create a colorful party atmosphere and will surely delight anyone with their magic glow.

But wait, there’s more: The ball lanterns are also the perfect toy because you can use them for games being the highlight of your next party. Just stick the glowing bracelets together to make a ball glowing in all colors: A guarantee for endless hours of fun in the pool or yard!

You can choose from many colors and the kits will contain everything you need. You can also get connector kits separately to use those with existing flexible grow bracelets. With this very unique accessory you can make ball lanterns in the color of your choice or combine different colors just how you want it.

Turn Your 12” Glowing Sticks Into Creative Party Lighting

Light the way for your party guests: Create a fantastic, colorful party ambience! Our 12” glowing ground stakes are probably the most creative and effective way to light up your party. You can place them alongside pathways or anywhere you want to create awesome glowing effects in many colors. The 12” light sticks will glow for many hours, no electrical cords or batteries are required. We have them as complete kits but you can get the ground stakes separately as well.

For even more fun, take a look at our glowing bunny ears (the kids will love them!), magic wand toppers and devil’s horns too.

Awesome toys, gadgets and more: Our glow accessories are what you need for ultimate glow fun! Save money and take advantage of our low wholesale prices!



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