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Multi Color

For maximum LED flashing fun, you want ALL the colors: Check out our amazing multi color light sticks! The LED flashing light stick pendant might not look like much at first, but wait until you turn it on and see the multi-colored lights crazily flashing with its six available flashing modes! For even more fun, our ultra-bright LED flashing 7” Streetlight MAX light stick will shine in all the colors of the rainbow with its 4 party pumping speeds.

With the multi color flashing light sticks you will cover the full spectrum of colors! Maximum LED flashing fun for parties, dances, performances and many other occasions.

The LED flashing pendant will be a great accessory to wear in your next club. Once you turn it on and select one of its six flashing modes, you will be able to create an awesome multi-color light spectacle that will surely turn anyone’s head!

The Streetlight MAX light sticks are amongst the brightest light sticks you can find. They are fantastic since they are so versatile. They are perfect for dancing and performances but also make awesome creative lighting effects if you use them to décor your home or garden! Press the button for a bright and colorful spectacle in all the colors of the rainbow!

Flashing multi color LED light sticks to make your next party unforgettable: Take a look at our big variety on colorful flashing light sticks. You will save money too because you can take advantage of our low wholesale prices!

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