We've got a great selection of LED lights that are meant for fun and entertainment, but they can also be life-savers any time you require a light in the dark. We have awesome magic wands, a spinning rainbow disco light, police beacon lights in several colors, and the extremely useful nugget-shaped LED keychain lights. Check out the tiny finger lights - they easily attach to the ends of your fingers so  you can mix and match colors as much as you like. Whatever effect you are looking for, whether it is a busy colorful light show or just a bright LED flashlight for your keychain, we have a lot of options for you to choose from.

Spice up your next party or Halloween with our LED lights and awesome magic wands. Our light-up wizard wand can even produce magic sounds once you wave it. Check out our 7” Police beacon light! It is the perfect light to have for your party room or bar with its bright, eye-catching rotating light. And then there are the life-savers for so many occasions: You will be glad to have our colorful nugget-shaped keychain flashlights!

Awesome for play when you’re in costume: LED light-up magic wands

Our LED light-up wizard wand is a fantastic accessory to have for your next costume party. Simply press the button and the tip comes alive creating a spectacular light show. Even better, it produces magical, enchanting sounds as well. Our light-up wizard wand is simply a must-have for any wizard!

Ideal for your next Halloween, great for parties and festivals: Our LED flashing Magic Halloween Wand

This wand is truly a gem. With its long, LED lit-up fiber optic strands it will create a firework of light effects as soon as you press the button. The handle is filled with glittery water and lights up as well. This awesome wand has six different flashing modes. There is no doubt about it that it will be the highlight of any Halloween party!

Another great light to have for your next Halloween is our cool projection flashlight. It comes with six filters allowing you to project scary silhouettes anywhere! It has filters in the shape of a cat, jack-o-lantern, a scary ghost, bats, a witch and a haunted house. This one is great to give as a gift as well, the children will love it!

Our nugget-shaped, bright keychain flashlights: Once you have one, you don’t want to be without it!

Those are small and incredible useful, our super-bright LED powered keychain flashlights. They not only look great with their different colors but have a bright LED to shine you the way anywhere you are. They can be a life-saver in so many situations, late at night, in your car, at home or anywhere you are. Simply press the button and you will have a bright light wherever you need it.

Our 7” Police beacon light makes a great piece to have for your party room or bar. With its red whirling light it can instantly transform any area into the perfect party spot. Great to have for parties and all kinds of events!


At Glowuniverse we have a big assortment of LED lights for you to choose from. Even better, our lights are affordable because we can offer them at low wholesale prices.

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