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Light-Up Swords

Our light-up swords will provide hours of entertainment for your next birthday or costume party. Being the perfect accessory when you’re in costume, they will also be ideal for your next roleplaying session or simply just for games and fun with your friends. We have 28” light-up swords in three awesome colors for you to choose from: Red, Blue and Green. If you want something really special, make sure you check out our 28" multi-color LED light-up sword with light-up handle!

Our colorful light-up swords are a hit with everyone and they will be lots of fun to play with. They look almost like real laser swords from the movies and come in awesome colors for you to choose from. We have 28” LED light-up magic swords in Red, Blue and Green. The 22 LED lights will light brightly once you press the button. We also have a 31” expandable light-up sword which has three flashing modes and multi-colored lights for even more colorful laser sword fun.

Our light-up swords are great for parties, birthdays, raves and festivals.

There are many occasions where our light-up swords will be fun to have. They are fantastic accessories when you’re dressed up at Halloween or the next party with your friends. Looking almost like real laser swords glowing in awesome colors they will make everyone want to play with them. A great toy for children, but adults will like them as well. They make perfect accessories because they go with many costumes and will be the perfect thing to have for science-fiction roleplaying!

Even more fun: Our 31” expandable LED light-up sword

While the 28” magic swords in three colors are already cool, it gets even better with our 31” expandable light-up sword! It features three different flashing modes and comes with multi-color LEDs for truly spectacular color effects. Even better, it has a prism ball on top which projects its own light show! This gem of a light sword can be expanded to an amazing 31” length but you can also use it and play with it in its compact form.

Batteries Included – Colorful Fun Right Away

No matter whether you go with the 28” colorful light-up swords or the 31” expandable one, we ship them with batteries included. The light-up swords will provide you a long time of playing fun because you can always replace the batteries and they will light-up brightly and colorful like new!

Get Them as a Creative Gift for Kids

The LED light-up swords make great party treats that can really spice up any party.  But they also make creative and affordable gifts. Kids will love them because they will hardly be able to resist playing with their light-up magic swords!

At Glowuniverse we have a big assortment of LED light up sticks and the coolest LED light-up swords. Our prices are unbeatable because we offer them at wholesale prices!

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