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Fixed Blade Swords

Our fixed blade LED light up magic swords look almost like real laser swords once you turn them on. Those will be fantastic toys for pretend-play, your next costume party or just for fun together with your friends. We have LED light up swords in three colors: choose from green, blue or red, depending on what side of “the force” you prefer. We also have some amazing rainbow-colored swords if you want to go the multi-colored route. Those are cool toys you want for epic sword fights with your friends, but don’t forget to get more than one. Prepare for hours of cool light up magic sword battles with those awesome toys!

The fixed blade LED light up magic swords will be a blast with anyone! Push the button and the bright LEDs will light up your blade in Red, Blue or Green. Those swords are perfect to spice up your next party or if you just want to have cool laser sword fun with your friends.

Choose your color, Red, Blue, Green, or Rainbow and activate your new, mighty laser sword! With their 28 inches and the colorful blade, those cool swords will look almost like the real thing. Get more than one and you will be able to fight your friends at epic battles for hours. We ship these great toys with all the required batteries.

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