Skull and Bones Batons

Our Skull and Bones Baton is a fresh take on the classic and ever-popular 18-inch foam baton. Perfect for when you want an LED light-up foam baton for Halloween or your pirate-themed party. Or grab a couple for your next for goth dj night, zombie-themed costume party, or any spooky get-together. And like our standard foam batons, the skull and bones version has a variety of light-up modes to choose from. Just push the button and keeping on clicking through to choose your favorite!
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LED Light-Up Foam Batons are great for so many occasions because they are so versatile and have the added bonus of several different light-up modes to choose from. People love clicking through the different modes to choose the light-up pattern that fits their mood. And, now that we have these Skull and Bones LED Light-Up Batons, you have the perfect accessory for any spooky holiday or event. When you want to throw a pirate-themed birthday party, pick up some of these skull and bones batons as decorations or giveaways. They also work great for goth proms, dj gigs, haunted houses, zombie or Walking Dead costume parties, or any Halloween-related events. Pick some up for Halloween and keep your kids safe as they go out trick-or-treating!

Each Skul and Bones LED Light-Up Baton comes with batteries, so they should be good to go right out of the box. Try selling them at school fundraisers during the month of October - they're sure to be a hit! We've got great bulk prices on this and every item we sell, so it's worth it to pick up a bunch for resale. Just check our pricing grid for more info, or give us a call. Foam battons are great to sell at school sporting events, street fairs, and parades. 

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