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16 Inch Foam Batons

16-Inch LED Light-Up Batons are super versatile - they're basically just a foam stick that lights up a bunch of different ways - so you can find a place for them at nearly any event! People love waving them around at parades, concerts, and sporting events. We've even heard of people using them during their wedding as a way to light up the aisle! Our 16-Inch Light Up Sticks have 7 different light and flashing modes to choose from so you can pick a light-up pattern to suit your mood.

Each of these LED Light-Up Foam Batons is 16 inches long and has seven different light-up and flashing modes to choose from. Just hit the button to go to your next light-up option! Whether you want an LED light stick that flashes, blinks, has multi-colored LEDs, or lights up with just one color, these batons will do it all. Plus, the batteries are replaceable so you can keep using them over and over again.

Just think of all the events you could use these for: parades, dance parties, concerts, sporting events, school spirit week, DJ gigs, and more - the list goes on and on! 

And if you are looking for a spooky version of these 16-Inch Light-Up Sticks, check out our Skull and Bones Batons. They are similarly amazing, plus they go great with any Halloween or ghoulish theme!

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