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Foam Batons

LED Light-Up Foam Batons are great all-purpose, all-occasion products - they're fun no matter what kind of event you are at! Our 16-Inch Foam Batons seem simple, but they have 7 different light-up modes and are fun to wave around at any party or big event. The 18-Inch LED Skull and Bones Batons are a spooky take on the original - break these out for Halloween or your next goth dance party!

Wave these foam batons around as much as you like - since they are covered in foam, they should be safe enough to shake around in a crowd. They are especially popular at big public events like concerts, parades, sporting events, street parties, and raves. Each foam baton lights up in a variety of mutli-colored and single-colored modes - you'll have lots of options with these LED light sticks! They even work great as party decorations: turn them on and put them anywhere for a mini light show. Try them in a centerpiece, at your table, on the DJ booth, or tucked here and there throughout the room to create a festive mood. The LED Light-Up Skull and Bones Baton is great for Halloween or pirate-themed parties. 

LED Light-Up Foam Batons are one of our most popular LED items here at GlowUniverse.com because they are so easy to use and they are so versatile. Lots of people buy them for giveaways and for re-sale at public events for this very reason. Like everything on our website, the more you purchase, the better deal you will get. Check our pricing grid for price breaks and bulk purchasing. 

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