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Flashing Light Sticks

You will find endless uses for our LED Flashing Light Sticks. You will be able to create a fantastic, colorful party ambience around your house or yard in no time. The light sticks are also the perfect accessory and toy when you’re in costume. We carry ultra-bright LED light sticks as well as LED foam batons, magic swords, wizard wands and much more.  Choose from many popular colors including multicolor sticks blinking and flashing in many colors.

You will love our LED Flashing Light Sticks because there is so much you can do with them. They make great party and yard lights and will be fantastic toys for anyone. Our LED light sticks will last a long time: Simply replace the batteries if needed and your light sticks will be ready again for many more hours of colorful flashing fun.

Are you looking for the perfect party lighting?

Our LED Flashing Light Sticks might be the easiest and most effective way to transform your house or lawn into the perfect party setting. It’s as easy as placing the sticks wherever you want: Place them in your yard, on the sidewalk, around the pool or anywhere in the house. Turn them on and enjoy their colorful magic for many hours. A simple switch gives you your choice of on, off, strobe and chase light effects. Should you be the biggest party buff on the block, no problem: All you need to do is replace the batteries and your LED light sticks will be ready again.

The perfect accessory for your costume party – Great toys for kids and adults alike!

The LED flashing light sticks are not only ideal for creating the perfect party setting. They make fun and creative toys as well. They will be a great accessory for your next costume party or role-play session. Your kids will surely love them – why not surprise them with an awesome gift?

We have 28” magic swords that light up and flash in Red, Green or Blue. They look like a laser sword - your friends surely will turn in envy. What about a magic wand which not only flashes once you wave it, but also makes enchanting magic sounds? No wizard would want to be without one! But there’s more:  Take a look at our bright flashing police beacon, color changing pendants and flashlight key chains.

The LED flashing light sticks can also be used when walking, jogging or biking at dusk to be more visible.

No matter whether you are looking for the perfect party accessory, exciting LED flashing toys or want to use them as a safety light, our LED flashing light sticks provide real value. They are affordable and will serve you a long time. Most of our LED light sticks will come with batteries already included: LED Flashing fun right out of the box! We also carry extra batteries so you will never run out.

Our prices are so low because we can offer LED flashing sticks at wholesale prices. You can enjoy all the flashing fun and save money at the same time.

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