Hair Clips

You've alredy decked out your fingers, wrists, and neck with LED flashing jewelry, so why not use light-ups in your hair, as well? Light-up hair clips are a quick, easy way to add color and boldness to your hair. Just clip one on and push the button to see a colorful display of fiber optic lights in your hair. These light-up hair clips come in a variety of colors; order a bunch for a rainbow effect.

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Light-up hair clips are awesome because they are so easy! All you have to do is clip them in your hair, turn them on, and your head will glow with fiber-optic lights. You don't need hair dye, bleach, curlers, or hair spray to create a fun, colorful, light-up look in seconds. 

Fiber optic lights have a unique effect that is different even from other light-up LED products. That's why these light-up hair clips are so different; fiber optics have their own unique style. Plus, they can blend in perfectly with strands of hair.

These light-up hair extensions are awesome for parties, raves, Halloween, birthdays, or any occasion when you feel like wearing something special in your hair. And they're so easy to clip in or remove, you can share them with your friends any time! 

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