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Body Lights

LED Flashing Body Lights are the little lights that make a big difference! Whether you need to add some flash to your hair, outfit, ears, or craft project, LED Blinkies are so easy to use and attach to so many different types of surfaces. Blinky body lights have a magnetic 'pin' backing, so you just remove the back magnet and place the two pieces on either side of your material. Then twist the light-up pin to activate an erruption of flashing colors! We've got LED Magnet Pins in a variety of colors: choose from blue/red, blue/yellow, blue/green, rainbow, or a crazy colorful combination. We've even got LED Flashing Flowers and Blinky Star Pins, too.

These flashy, blinky magnet pins are super-bright, colorful, and easy to use. They are an awesome addition to any outfit for Halloween, Valentine's Day, 4th of July, Thanksgiving, or pretty much any other holiday you can think of! They're a unique accessory for prom, dances, quincineras, weddings, or any special occasion. Why not brigtening up your outfit any ol' day with some light up flashing body lights? These blinkies are great for clothing  because they have a magnetic backing 'pin' and won't poke permanent holes in fabric.

Each light-up pin comes with a magnetic back that you can use to easily attach them to clothing, fabric, paper, thin platic, hair, and many other types of materials. To turn them on, just twist the pin and it will light up and flash! Twist it again to turn it off when you're ready for the light show to be over.

Light-up body lights have tons of applications, so get creative! Use them to light up a sign, your Halloween costume, wreaths, table centerpieces, party decorations, hats, shoes, and kid's craft projects. Or just hand them out at your next party and see what your guests come up with. Flashing body lights look great day or night, in a dark club, at a house party, or your next school event. 

We carry a variety of LED Magnet Pins for you to choose from. We've got the simple, round 1-inch magnet pins that light up with colorful LEDs. These Blue/Red, Blue/Yellow, and Blue/Green lights are great for sporting events or color-themed parties. Our Blinky Star Pin is great for patriotic holidays or pretty much any occasion. LED Light-Up Flower Pins make great gifts!

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