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Our LED flashing hats and headwear come in so many shapes and styles, there is hardly any occasion when you wouldn’t be able to find something here that fits the bill! We have colorful blinking and flashing devil horns, angel wings, tiaras, and Mohawks. There are also light-up animal headbands: we have both dolphin fins and cat ears. There are several light-up hats to choose from, including a fedora and a sequined cap. We've got wigs and hair clips, too! Many of these hats and headbands have various flashing modes to choose from, and everything you see here is lit up with either LEDs or fiber optic lights.

No party is complete without our LED powered, colorful flashing hats! We have them in many styles for you to choose from, no matter the theme of your party. They are perfect for birthday parties to delight your kids, but adults like them too because they are just so much fun to wear! From devilish horns to wear which light up in blue or red, to spectacular multi-colored Mohawks, tiaras or bunny ears, there are so many occasions where they make the perfect accessory to have!

Parties, raves, dances, performance and photo ops: LED flashing hats for ultimate fun!

No one can overlook your LED flashing hats and headbands when they blink and flash in awesome colors. They come in all sorts of styles, from spectacular and crazy to simply just fun. If you feel really brave, get our multi-colored Mohawks: Truly unique headpieces which will be guaranteed to draw everyone’s attention with their multi-colored lights.

The light-up tentacle headbopper is also a truly unique piece to wear and it’s perfect for parties, raves or the next night out in your favorite club. Turn out the lights, turn on your tentacles, and wow, what a spectacular show! It has multi-colored dreadlocks that flow and swing, blink and flash and will surely make for an awesome impression anywhere you go!

If you want it a little bit less crazy, take a look at our fun headbands with bows, angel wings or the always popular bunny ears. Perfect for your Halloween party: Our LED flashing Jack-O-Lantern headband. Let it flash and flicker just like the real jack-o-lanterns!

The LED flashing hats are easy to use. Simply switch them on or off whenever you like. Many of them have multiple flashing modes, you can make them light up steadily or make them flash and blink wildly in many colors. The flashing hats will last you a long time because you can replace the batteries when needed and they will be like new again for many more hours of flashing fun.

They make a perfect gift as well: Surprise your party guests the next time you are invited. Our LED flashing hats make unique and creative gifts to give to anyone, no matter how old they are. Kids will like them as much as your grown-up friends.

Take advantage of our big variety and low wholesale prices. At Glowuniverse, you can get LED flashing hats without spending too much!

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