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LED flashing gloves are a bright way to call attention to your fingertips or keep yourself visible at night. The colorful, flashing LEDs in these gloves will emphasize your hands’ movements at the next rave. They may even inspire you to come up with some new dance moves! Or, if you are worried about being seen during nighttime jogs or walks, LED gloves can come in handy. For safety or fun, check out our LED Flashing Fingertip Gloves.

Your hand movements will really stand out when you wear LED light-up gloves. In a darkened room, dance floor, or club, the flashing fingertips shine out to emphasize any movements you make with your hands or fingers. LED gloves are perfect for raves or any other fun, party atmosphere. Of course, they’ll also keep your hands warm.

If you like to do any kind of outdoor activities at night, light-up gloves will keep you visible and safe. They’re great safety gear to have around if you are into biking, running, or jogging in the evening. Even if you’re just out walking your dog, the flashing fingertips can help drivers see you in the dark.

Our LED Flashing Fingertip Gloves are made of a black knit with blue or green LEDs at the fingertips that glow and flash. Turn them off when not in use to conserve the included battery.

Like all the LED and glow products here at GlowUniverse.com, these LED fingertip gloves are available at bulk prices. Check out our tiered pricing system for the best deals!

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