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Flashing Jewelry

For your next big night out, birthday party, New Year's celebration, or sporting event, LED flashing jewelry is a must-have! Combine rings, necklaces, headbands, glasses, masks, and more to turn yourself and your party into a shimmering, colorful, light-up extravaganza. We have special items for theme parties and holidays: get your Mardi Gras, Halloween, and 4th of July light-up accessories here! Look through our unique collection of one-of-a-kind flashing accessories - we even have light-up dog collars, glow in the dark shoelaces, flashing finger puppets, and adorable emoji rings.

Our Flashing LED Jewelry will turn heads, no matter where you go. Create awesome accents with our LED powered necklaces, bracelets and rings available in a rainbow of colors. How about light-up gloves, spiky rings, or eyeballs that light up in red, blue, pink or purple?

Flashing LED jewelry and accessories are fun to wear, convenient, and very easy to use. You can create awesome lighting effects anywhere you go. They can easily be turned on whenever you like. They are safe to use and there are no chemicals which could spill. Flashing LED jewelry is also more economical because it will last longer than glow sticks or glowing jewelry. With some types of LED products, the batteries can easily be replaced, if needed, for many more hours of fun, and you can use them over and over again.

Our flashing LED jewelry will make you the highlight of the next party and turn heads in your favorite club! And our flashing LED jewelry is not only great for adults, it is perfect to surprise your kids with, as well. Birthday parties or your next Halloween will be awesome; the kids will love the flashing colors of their LED powered tiaras, eyeglasses, or pendants. Transform any party or occasion into an unforgettable event for everyone. With our flashing jewelry you can create fantastic mood settings in no time – plus, it is the perfect and unique gift.

Our flashing LED jewelry is available in many different shapes and colors, sure to match your own style and taste. You can choose from many unique designs like our flashing rings with spikes or bumps, or the eye-catching flashing necklaces and pendants. What about a multi-colored star necklace or a crazy LED flashing headband with strands flashing in all colors of the rainbow? If you are brave enough, try our multi-colored mohawk or tentacle headbopper – a sure-fire way to get noticed and become the center of any party or event.

Are you looking for a great gift for your next Halloween costume party? Look no further! With our spooky ghost or spider pendants, scary flashing eyeballs, pumpkin-shaped rings, and Halloween eyeglasses, you will have the perfect party favor for everyone. Not only will your flashing gifts delight all guests, they will also help make the children safer when they wear them outside at night.

Our flashing LED jewelry is affordable. We are offering our LED jewelry at unbeatable wholesale prices. Choose from our big selection of LED jewelry and accessories for awesome lightning effects. No matter the occasion, no matter your personal taste – we have the LED jewelry for you.

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