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LED flashing lights are what you want if you’re looking for creative and unique decorating ideas.  Blinking and flashing LED lights and blacklights can make a huge impact at your party, indoor bar, or outdoor event. Get an awesome ambience in no time with very little effort! We have colorful LED light-up candles, a fiber-optic lamp, flashing police beacon lights, rainbow projectors, blacklights, and rotating LED light bulbs. Let your imagination go wild!

LED flashing décor lights might not look like much at first – but wait ‘til you switch on the button! You can easily transform any location into an awesome party ambience, no matter whether it’s inside our outside. Those lights are great because you can place them anywhere and then with a simply switch of a button start the awesome colorful flashing show.

LED Light-Up Candles

Take a look at our LED light-up candles. They come in various colors and can be used for so many things. Without any matches needed or the wax-mess a traditional candle will have they make awesome mood lights you can place anywhere such as tables or on your bar. Use them for Halloween to put into your Jack-O-Lantern or light up your home’s windows at night. They are battery powered and so easy to use you’ll surely find thousand creative ideas what you can do with them.

Our LED flashing fiber optic lamp is truly a classic and you’ll be amazed what colorful effects it can produce anywhere. The lights flash and pulse and change colors, a true eye-catcher anywhere you place it. It makes a great accessory for your own room, whether you plan a party or just get it to give your room that special ambience and mood at night.

Spooky spiders lighting up and flashing in many colors are ideal to place anywhere you want. Put them on tables, desks or book shelves or place them into your home’s windows. The spiders are also the ideal thing to have comes next Halloween!

To give any room that very special ambience, you must check out our 18” fluorescent black light bulb. It’s ideal for parties and a great light for your bar at home. And it’s a must-have for fluorescent posters that light up so you can create a truly unique mood and atmosphere in no time.

For more LED flashing fun, check out our 7 inch police beacon light. Its bright red flash is surely an eye-catcher anywhere, great for parties and events of all sorts. It’s also a cool decoration for any kind of celebration. Just plug it in for awesome red and bright flashing fun.

Take a look at our LED flashing lights and décor. Your fantasy is the limit because you can do so many things with them. And the best thing: You don’t have to pay too much because we can offer LED decor lights at low wholesale prices!

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