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Projector Lights

We have a great selection of lights that will project colors or patterns onto walls, the ceiling, or the dance floor. Each style is a little bit different, but they will all help you create the perfect mood at your next party or celebration. There's just something about sparkling, rainbow, and rotating lights that makes the occasion feel special! Our Cosmic Projector Lamp, Rainbow Projector, and Rotating LED Light Bulb will mesmerize old and young alike.

Projector Lights are a super easy way to add some ambience to your party. Set them up at just the perfect spot to project rainbows, stars, and dots of multi-colored lights on your guests, the dance floor, the ceiling, or a nearby wall. The Cosmic Star Projector will create little colorful stars on your ceiling and wall, which is perfect for any space-themed party or kid with an interest in astronomy. The LED Light-Up Rainbow projector creates a rainbow on the nearest surface so if you are looking for something to make your event more colorful, this may be it. The Rotating Disco Ball LED Light Bulb is so versatile - just put it into a regular light socket, turn it on, and it will create a rotating, multi-colored light show. It's fantastic as a super-easy alternative to a traditional disco ball on the dance floor!

You can see how any of these lights can be used for special occasions, or just as a fun way to make your bedroom or anywhere in your house more intresting. Kids absoluetly love these fun multi-colored lights. Anyone can get into the spirit of silly fun with these projector lights! Or, get them out for specific theme parties, like 70's disco, outer space or astronaut, glow-in-the-dark, neon, or rainbow.

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