Black Lights

Black lights are truly a classic and no party would be complete without one! The black light with its true ultraviolet light will allow you to create spectacular effects. Turn it on and turn out the glow in everything! It is the perfect décor light for your own bar or party room and you can easily mount it wherever you like.

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No party or dance should be without our black light! With the black light you can create an awesome and wacky ambience everywhere: Watch how everything will start glowing amazingly. You can mount the black light anywhere you want: Place it on walls in any room or even in cabinets for spooky and creative displays.

Whether you need a cool lighting idea for your party room or whether you want to create a spooky ambience for your next Halloween, our black light will be the perfect thing to have! With its magical ultraviolet glow, it is also a great accessory for events such as plays and performances.

Flashing barware, cool décor ideas and awesome lights: If you need something unique for your next party or celebration, chances are you will find it at Glowuniverse! Take advantage of our low wholesale prices!

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