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LED light up decorations will bring your party to life! Both our Fairy Wire Lights and EL Wire are flexible and are battery powered so you can put them up anywhere or wrap them around pretty much anything. Want to make your table settings a little brighter? Have a porch that needs decorating? Need to create a light-up focal point at your party? You can even use these versatile light-ups in your hair or costume! Fairy lights are just a basic string of wire with LEDs attached that can be bent into different shapes. The EL wire comes with a battery inverter and has multiple light up modes so you can have them steady on or flashing. We've also got the EL Wire Motion Kits that allow you to achieve the 'flowing' or 'chasing' effect. Check them all out here for tons of light-up decorating options!

LED and light-up decorations can really make your party or event pop! Think decor is not all that important? The feel you create at your event can determine whether or not it is a memorable one - even if you're just throwing a party in your living room. Plus it's fun!

LED Light-Up Fairy Wire is a super versatile wire string with colored LEDs attached to it. It can be bent in a variety of shapes and wrapped around tons of different types of objects: wine glasses, chairs, pilars or columns, chandeliers. You can even weave them into your hair or wig. Because they are battery powered, they're portable and you don't have to worry about tripping over a power cord. We've got these wire lights in a variety of colors - choose from red, blue, green, pink, or white.

Light-up EL Wire is also flexible and has tons of uses. These battery-powered wires that light up are portable and can also be connected together to make one extremely long, continuous string of glowing lights. They have both steady and flashing light-up modes so you can choose if you want lighting that is more sublte or active. We even have Motion EL Wire Kits that allow you to make a chasing or flowing light effect.

Halloween, birthdays, New Year's, your DJ night debut - there are endless reasons to celebrate with light-up fairy lights and EL wire! 

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