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Barware that flashes in many colors, such as our beer mugs, flashing wine glasses, martini glasses, and shot glasses, will be great for your own bar at home. Surprise your guests with unique flashing barware and give your next party a unique touch. Our LED powered barware is sturdy, made from acrylic and surely can take a beating or two. This makes it not only ideal for parties or birthdays but also perfect to light up occasions such as outdoor picnics. They make creative and unique gifts, too!

Our LED flashing barware will be a hit with your party guests and they will love the colorful flashing wine glasses or beer mugs, shot glasses and wine glasses. Set colorful accents anywhere at home, place them on tables at your next party indoors or outdoors. They are great to have to make any festive event truly unforgettable, from birthday parties to picnics inside or outside your home.

They won’t break easily and are safe to wash by hand.

Because the barware is made from high quality acrylic, you don’t need to worry too much about it breaking. This makes it ideal for occasions such as your children’s next birthday party. Or why not bring it to your next outdoor picnic or use them to get everyone’s attention at festivals and outdoor gatherings? You can easily wash them by hand so you can use them over and over. Our barware provides LED flashing fun for a long time because you can simply replace the batteries when needed and enjoy their colorful flashing over and over.

Flashing Barware for Everyone

How about a beer mug with 6 LEDs flashing in many colors or Martini glasses that light up the night? But you will also find colorful barware for the little ones, such as our LED flashing 10oz glass or 8oz Whiskey glass which you can use to serve juices or any other sort of beverage.

Easy to Use

Make the barware blink and flash whenever you want, simply press the button to start the colorful show. Place them on tables or on your bar to set awesome accents in many colors. Easily wash them by rinsing them with water and reuse them as often as you like. If you have spare batteries handy, all you need to do is replace the battery if needed and the barware will flash like new. We carry the right batteries in our assortment as well.

LED Flashing Barware: Unique and Affordable Gifts!

Our flashing barware makes great gifts as well. Give them the next time you are invited over at your friend’s house or bring a few with you to the next party. Be assured, one can never have enough beverage glasses and mugs – and ours are unique because they flash and blink in many colors!

Our LED flashing barware will provide many hours of colorful flashing fun and is affordable. Take advantage of our low wholesale prices!

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