Shot Glasses

The awesome, LED flashing shot glasses will be the hit for your next party but you can certainly also use them if you just have a few close friends invited over. It’s not only that they blink and flash colorful and light up your shots and favorite drinks: What’s really special about them is they have a motion sensor which makes the glass light up once you tap it on the bar! Tap’em, knock’em and shoot’em – and do it in style with our awesome LED flashing shot glasses!

The motion activated LED flashing shot glasses will be a total blast with your friends or party guests. Light up their shots and make your party unforgettable for everyone.

What so cool about these glasses is that they have a motion sensor that makes the glass start flashing colorful once you tap it on the bar: This makes for a unique and fun way to get those shots going!

You can use the shot glasses again and again since you can easily rinse them with water after use. A must-have for any well-equipped pantry and home bar!

Unique and colorful LED barware, drinking glasses, mugs and more: With Glowuniverse, you can get any party going in no time without having to spend too much money!

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