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I’m Andrew Green, and I just wanted to let you know how much I appreciate your business. I’ve been selling on the internet for more than ten years now and I got my start in ecommerce way back in 1998.  Back in the day, I answered e-mails in my basement and packed every order myself. I still enjoy talking to customers on the phone and exchanging e-mail with people from all over the world. I still regularly answer customer calls because I enjoy helping you plan a great night-time event.


Today, we have a large warehouse and a great team of people working to serve you. Every member of our team is a glowstick expert, and a customer service fanatic. My job is to make sure that we are dedicated to providing the kind of one-on-one service that you expect when you do business with old friends. We're still a small business and we're proud of it. You can be sure that you'll be dealing with a real person who cares about your experience. We do our best to provide high quality products at rock-bottom prices. It’s hard, but I think we’re getting it right.

Our Great Team

Everyone here is working to serve you. Old-fashioned customer service is easy when you've got a dedicated, talented team to back you up.  I think you're going to love working with us.  If you call or write, you'll probably hear back from our great customer service team lead by Shaun, Matt, and the other Matt.  We are all right here in Maryland ready  to help you. Perfect service is what you can expect from us.  And it is our pleasure.

Unfortunately, we do make mistakes from time to time. I’ve done it myself. I feel terrible when I learn we’ve made a packing error, sent a product that doesn’t work right, or even if we can’t ship orders on time because of a snowstorm.

But please know if it is wrong we will fix it. If a product doesn’t live up to its expectations, you may return it for a refund (we do have a restocking fee for very large orders). If something arrives broken, we can repair it or replace it. We are standing by to help if there’s a problem.

If we can serve you better, please let us know.

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