Wizard Wands

Chances are you will already know that every wizard needs a wizard wand. This is true whether the wizard just started in the magical arts or considers themselves a pro in the field. At Glowuniverse, we have fantastic wizard wands for any wizard. Check out the LED light-up wizard wand with its awesome sound effects: Press a button and the tip of the wand will come to life for a spectacular display and magical sounds! Perfect for your costume at Halloween or your next role-play gathering!

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Our wizard wands are the perfect accessory if you’re in costume for your next Halloween party. You are, however, free to use them any other time as well, whenever you need a little magic in your life! This is a great gadget for pretend play, parties and role-play gatherings!

The LED light-up wizard wand is special since you will be able to create fantastic light effects once you press the button. The tip will light up and flash for an awesome display of light. In addition, the wand will produce magical enchanting sounds. This wand is a must-have for any wizard regardless what age!

LED flashing party supplies, light-wands and other cool toys: At Glowuniverse you will find everything you need to make your next party unforgettable! Take advantage of our big variety and save money at the same time!

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