Light Up Swords and Wands

A guaranteed way to get your next party going: Our LED light-up swords and wands! Everyone from children to adults will love those fantastic and fun accessories: The LED light up magic swords will make for epic laser sword battles and the magic wizard wand with its added sound effects will be a blast too. They are great for costume parties and plays or simply just for fun with your friends. The LED wands such as the UFO spinning wand or the ball wand will be ideal if you want to turn heads at festivals or other events.

Our light up swords and wands will be great for parties and festivals but make also awesome toys if you just want to have some fun with your friends. Check out the LED light up magic swords that look almost like real laser swords! We carry these awesome toys in Blue, Red or Green. If you want something truly special, you want to check out our LED light up, expandable multi-color magic sword.

The LED light-up wizard wand is a must-have for any wizard. Wave it and the tip comes to life with a spectacular light display. The best thing is it will produce magical sounds as well! A great toy for play, Halloween or any time you want some magic in your life.

Look at our specialty light-up wands such as the LED fiber optic wand, the magic flashing ball wand or the crazily spinning UFO wand. With those awesome toys, you will be able to create spectacular light effects that will turn heads wherever you are. Great for parties, dances and festivals!

LED flashing party supplies, cool magic swords, wands and more:  We have a big selection on creative toys and party supplies. We can offer everything at low wholesale prices so you can get your party going without having to break your bank!

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