Jumbo Bubble Guns

It’s time for getting out the big ‘uns – our Jumbo bubble guns will be just what you need! Those are awesome fun toys that will turn any party into a battlefield. The Jumbo bubble guns will not only blast your friends and guests with “deadly” bubbles: They will light-up and flash in many colors and will make awesome sounds once you press the trigger!

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The Jumbo bubble guns are big fun for parties and many other occasions. What makes them special is that you will not only be able engage in amazing bubble battles with your friends and guests: Those big guns will look awesome once you let the bright LEDs flash. Even better, the Jumbo bubble guns feature awesome sound effects once you pull the trigger!

Bubble guns are big fun for everyone, the kids will love them and so will your grown-up friends. Those great toys can provide hours of entertainment anywhere. Get more than one and get ready to fight your friends, party guests or co-workers! The additional sound effects and flashing colors make the Jumbo bubble guns the perfect party toy!

LED flashing bubble guns, unique party supplies and more:  We have everything you need to get your next party going. What’s more, we can offer everything at low wholesale prices so you can save money too!

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