Devil Horns

Our devil horns will be fantastic for your next party. They look awesome and are so easy to use. How about the unique glow stick devil horns in Red? Just activate them and they will start glowing devilish for many hours – no batteries needed! We also have LED flashing devil horns that light up, blink and flash. The devil horns are not only great for parties - they make cool poor man’s Halloween accessories too!

Our devil horns are really effective if you want to make a devilish impression at your next party. Put them on and let everyone know where you stand on the naughty or nice scale! They are easy to use and fit anyone: Awesome devilish glowing fun anywhere you go!

The glow stick devil horns in Red are different since they will glow without the need for any batteries. We ship them with a thin, invisible string that allows you to position them whatever way you like it. You can easily activate those unique devil horns to get them glowing for many hours of devilish fun!

We also have LED powered devil horns with batteries that flash in Blue, Orange or Red once you press a button.

The devil horns make an ideal accessory for any party or fun get-together. Don’t forget to get a pair for your next Halloween because they will be perfect!

Awesome glow sticks, fun headwear and cool party accessories: Get the party going with Glowuniverse! Take a look at our big variety on glowing and flashing accessories. Because we can offer everything at low wholesale prices, you will save money too!

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