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These amazing 7” LED flashing light sticks are the brightest of our light sticks. We have them in 5 different colors. They are incredible versatile because you can use them to create awesome light effects for performances or POI dancing but also use them for cool decorative light ideas indoors or outdoors. Press the button and they will flash for many hours – in three different flashing modes. Batteries are included as well!

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Our Streetlight MAX light sticks are 7” long – the brightest of our LED flashing light sticks. Whether you want them for dancing, performances or to decorate your room or yard, they will be awesome! We have them in Red, Blue, Green, Yellow and White!

These awesome light-sticks are super easy to use: All you need to do is push the button to get a bright and colorful light spectacle for hours - anywhere you want. You can choose from three different flashing modes, such as a chase mode or strobe mode!

We ship those versatile LED light-sticks with batteries included so you can have LED flashing fun right out of the box!

LED flashing light sticks for colorful effects everywhere: At Glowuniverse, you can turn any party into an unforgettable event! What’s more, you will save money because we offer everything at spectacular low prices!

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