Mini LED Flashlights

Our Mini LED flashlights are cool, fun and useful – all at the same time! Take a look at the handy Nugget LED keychain flashlights: With them, you will have a bright light available anytime and anywhere you want! The Halloween projection flashlight will be awesome for your next Halloween party. With its spooky filters, you will be able to project spooky and cool Halloween silhouettes such as bats, cats or jack-o-lanterns at any wall. It makes a great and unique gift too!

The nugget shaped mini LED flashlights are awesome. They make stylish key chains and are incredible useful. How often did it happen you’d need a light in situations where you needed one badly? With the mini LED flashlights on your keychain, you won’t have such problems any longer: Press the button and you will have a bright light to light you the way anytime and anywhere!

The Halloween flashlight with its spooky filters is just what you want for your next Halloween. It has several filters so you can project spooky Halloween images on walls or any flat surface. It includes filters such as bats, a spooky cat, a haunted house and more: Great fun for the kids!

LED flashing light sticks, party lights and more creative light ideas: Get your party to new heights with Glowuniverse! Take advantage of our big variety on LED flashing lights at very low wholesale prices!

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