Tentacle Hats

Our LED light-up tentacle heads and headpoppers are unique, one-of-a-kind accessories that will put you right into the center of attention at any dance or event! Let them flow and sway crazily with their colorful dreadlocks look! But wait until you turn them on with the press of a button and the bright LEDs will start flashing and blinking! The tentacle heads will be a total blast in your favorite club! You should also check out our stovepipe tentacle hat in Blue, Red and White. Great for your next 4th of July celebration but also big fun the next time you are rooting for your favorite team at the ball-game!

The tentacle hats are truly spectacular! They look wild and crazy with their colorful dreadlocks and are just awesome to have if you really want to stand out at the dance-floor. Let their dreadlocks swing and sway with every move you make! Just press the button and the bright LEDs will start flashing and create and awesome spectacle that will turn anyone’s head!

The tentacle hats are not only great for dancing and festivals, they also make perfect fun accessories for all kinds of events! Get the light-up Red, White and Blue stovepipe hat and you will have a really unique, eye-catching accessory piece that will put on a great show at your next ball-game or party!

Colorful light-up tentacle hats, awesome LED headwear and more: We have eye-catching flashing accessories for every occasion! Take advantage of our big selection and spectacular low prices!

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