Our LED flashing Mohawks are true eye-catchers and will be just what you want for your next party, rave or festival. The LED fiber optic Mohawk or our multi-color flashing Mohawk wig will make sure that all eyes will be on you, no matter where you go! The question here is only whether you will be bold enough to wear them! This truly unique and colorful headwear will come with batteries already included.

Be assured that our crazy, colorful flashing LED Mohawks will make you the center of attention everywhere. They make great accessories whether you plan to wear them for your next rave, birthday party or a million other events. Simply press a button and the bright LEDs will start flashing, creating an awesome spectacle of colors!

The LED fiber optic Mohawk has strands of colorful fibers that will light up to catch anyone’s attention. Our multi-color Mohawk is a complete hairpiece in all colors of the rainbow. No matter which one you want, they are easy to wear and to get them flashing crazily all you need to do is press a simple button. We ship those awesome and unique headpieces complete with batteries.

Awesome LED headwear, flashing jewelry and more: At Glowuniverse you will find a huge assortment of spectacular flashing LED accessories for any kind of event. What’s more, you will save money because you can advantage of our low wholesale prices!

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