Animal Headbands

Bring out the animal in you with our awesome flashing animal headbands! They are the perfect thing to get your next party going. Check out the pink flashing cat ears, the LED bunny ears or (brace your self...) the  unique light-up dolphin fin! Sure, all of these light-up headbands make for awesome animal fun, but when was the last time you had a dolphin at your party?

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The LED flashing animal headbands are fun, easy to wear and so versatile! They make for awesome party headwear for anyone, adults and kids alike! You can also use them as a “poor man’s” Halloween accessory if you’re out of ideas – and still make quite an impression!

The LED bunny ears and the pink flashing cat ears one could consider timeless classics. They can transform any party into quite some animalistic fun event in no time. All it takes is that you put them on and show everyone your true nature as being a bunny or cat in real life!

Dolphins, on the other hand are not seen around that often. For that reason alone it will be worth it if you get the flashing dolphin fin and then just watch the reactions of others.

Awesome LED flashing headbands in all kinds of shapes: Get your party going in no time with our unique LED headwear. At Glowuniverse we have the coolest flashing LED jewelry for many occasions. Our prices are low for ultimate party fun without breaking your bank!

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