Angel Wings

Our flashing and blinking LED headwear is always a hit and our LED Angel Wings are no exception! Of course, LED Angel Wings are only for good boys and girls - no one else is allowed to wear them! They will fit your head snugly and you can easily turn them on or off. The LEDs will start flashing brightly, leaving no doubt in anyone's mind about your true, angelic nature! A great party accessory!

Any party or event will be much more fun with our cool LED flashing angel wings headband! They are just what you want to let everyone know about your true nature! Can it be that someone still doesn’t know that you’re a real angel? Just let your wings blink and flash crazily if you think someone might still have a doubt about this simple fact!

The LED angel wings will be great for parties and celebrations, but you can also put them on the next time you are out hitting the dance floors. They are very easy to use and will flash for many hours. We ship them with batteries already included!

Cool LED flashing headwear, jewelry and party accessories: At Glowuniverse you can find a big variety at spectacular low prices! Get your party going without breaking the bank!

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