Star Spangled Sunglasses

Our red, white, and blue LED Star Sunglasses have a cool retro look that is a blast from the past! These glasses are perfect for your next 80s or 70s party, but they are also great for dances and raves. The throw-back retro design is awesome, and they get even better once you turn them on and let them flash like crazy! The LED Light-Up Patriotic Eyeglasses may have a slightly subtler design, but they are still a fun, brigt, and flashy way to show your patriotic spirit. These red, white, and blue LED glasses are a must for fun party photos and they work well as gifts or party treats, too.

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It cannot get better if you are looking for the perfect retro-style eyewear for your next 70s or 80s party! Our star spangled LED sunglasses will turn everyone’s head, but wait ‘til you turn them on and they start flashing!

The star sunglasses will not only be cool for your next retro party. They come in Red, White and Blue making them perfect for your 4th July celebration as well!

The LED star spangled sunglasses are easy to use and you can turn them on with a simple switch. The bright LEDs will flash and blink for hours, putting you at the center of attention anywhere you are!

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